Crypto Fund Experiment - October 2019 Report

Crypto Fund Experiment - October 2019 Report

06 Oct 2019

The last couple of weeks haven't been good for crypto, especially for Bitcoin.

Shortly after Bakkt launched, Bitcoin took a huge hit. So it comes with no surprise that our portfolio is buried in red too.

But some coins fared this storm better than others. Let's see this in more detail.

The biggest "losers" of the previous month (or rather half-month) are Bitcoin and Beam.

Bitcoin dropped a staggering 26% from our previous monthly portfolio checkup.

Beam fell even more, for 33% since September, but because it had a strong performance in August, the value of our Beam holdings ($144.90) is still higher than our Bitcoin holdings ($138.37).

Nimiq had also suffered a huge drop, 29%, but because of the August gains, it's still the most valuable asset in our portfolio, currently at $171.43. Of course, considering that we started with $200 in each of our assets, it's all deep in red today.

Ether lingered at almost the same level as in August. It only dropped by 1%, and our current ETH assets are worth $154.86.

The remaining coin, Maker, surprisingly did better in September than in August. It was the only asset that gained in value compared to the previous month. It grew by 7%, and our share of Maker is currently worth $156.51, which is still significantly below our starting point at $200.

The new order of cryptos in our portfolio from best to worst is:

  • Nimiq (+0)
  • Maker (+3)
  • Ether (+1)
  • Beam (-2)
  • Bitcoin (-2)

Values in parenthesis show how the ordering changed compared to the previous month. For example, Nimiq remained at the top spot while Beam and Bitcoin each lost two places at the ranking.

Hopefully, better months are coming our way! :)

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